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Roma Cox, Tutor and Homeschool Grandma

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As a child Roma struggled with reading until she learned phonics as an adult. It opened up a new world for her, and drove her to help others who suffer similarly. Roma has always had phenomenal success in helping children learn to read, even those who struggled as she did. With the encouragement of several parents, she now shares her secrets with you.

Roma Cox is a tutor, published author, curriculum developer, and interactive workshop leader for teachers at the University Of North Florida and public schools. She also provides interactive workshops to home educators at home school conventions.

Nile Stanley Phd, reading professor at the University Of North Florida writes: "I recommend very highly Mrs. Roma Cox as a guest speaker and or workshop leader on teaching phonics through game-based teaching with total physical response.

I had her present one hour to my literacy methods class on teaching phonics and they loved her. Several of my students bought her phonics game and are using it with great results with ages 5 to ten. I recently presented with her at the UNF FATE conference.

From Roma To You

Education has always been my passion, and I am blessed beyond measure to be allowed to serve in this way. It is our goal to empower others with our featured product, Ring Around The Phonics, a fun action oriented reading and phonics curriculum,

We also offer Tutoring Services, free lesson plans, information, workshops, news letters,volunteer work, and free consultations. Roma can be reached at (904)317-5330 from 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. EST-U.S.

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Some Comments From previous Workshops
"Wow! his is one of the best workshops I have attended. It was useful and hands-on-very interactive!"
"It actually exceeded my expectation. I learned some useful pointers about teaching even though I have been HS for 5 years, I learned new things.


In the 1970s Roma was given her first group of eight children. These kids had made it half way through the school year without learning to read, which meant they had been targeted to fail (to be retained).

Knowing these children were smart, she combined prayer and her training in psychology with amazing results. With that first group, it became her passion to make a positive difference in the lives of children in any way possible.

Seeing the results, many parent/educators asked her to manufacture her method so that they too could spread the results. With the assistance of many compassionate home school families in Lakeland Florida , that dream finally did come true, and came to be known as Ring Around The Phonics". The learning game was developed by a professional tutor, a home school mom, an English Professor (who edited the books), and a professional game designer. Roma states it this way: "This is much bigger than just me now."

See What Parents Who Had Their Children Tutored By Roma say

An Exciting Day: May 4, 2010

As a professional tutor, Roma also volunteers her time to help children who are struggling in their ability to read. So when you order anything from this site, you are also helping a child learn to read...all at the hosting companies normal Pricing which includes sales.

We wish you could see the difference in a child who is suffering from the consequences of an inability to keep up with their peers, and suddenly discover they can read. They often wrap their arms around themselves and giggle as they read their first sentence. Today a little kindergarten student looked Roma in the eyes, and surprised her by saying, "thank you for teaching me how to read." You are contributing to their joy every time you purchase a product from this site. Thank you for your order, and please return here regularly for your shopping needs.

If you would like to earn extra income as a tutor using Ring Around The Phonics, give Roma a call at (904) 317-5330 (EST). Note: You can tutor up to four children at a time even if on different levels and subjects.

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