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Home Educator recommends this game.

Early childhood educator recommends Ring Around the Phonics.

Home educator recommends Ring Around the Game.

Professional tutor endorses the game also. She told us this game actually landed her tutoring job after it helped her nephew.

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Nile Stanley, Ph.D. reading professor, University of North Florida writes:
Ideal for classroom, clinic or home, the Ring Around the Phonics game (Ages 4 and up) engages children joyfully in confident learning and produces instant growth in phonics, comprehension, reading. listening and speaking. Start down the magical road to reading success with this adorable, easy to learn, board game which includes 336 static cling letters, fun activity cards, phonics books and motivating certificates. I loved the adaptability of the game for educators to be able to be an instructional decision maker, and address his/her own program’s standards for spelling, writing, language, and more.

A question from teachers and administrators often arises when considering the purchase of an instructional game for their school. – “Can we purchase the Ring Around the Phonics game for our school if it is not on the state-adopted list? “Yes! According to Florida Statute 1006. (4)(B): up to 50 percent of the annual allocation may be used for the purchase of instructional materials, including library and reference books and nonprint materials, not included on the state-adopted list.

Note: By adding four more game pieces, I have taught as many as eight children at a time with this game. Click here to read more of Dr. Stanley's review (in PDF format).

Below is the last paragraph of a product review written by Kate Kessler, product review manager for the renowned magazine "The Old School House":

"You will also likely have a child motivated to learn. My daughter jumps up with excitement when I say it is time to play her game. She really is enjoying it, and what is better is that she is learning her phonics at the same time. I have taught four other children to read, and not one of them was as excited about learning as my littlest girl is to learn this way. We will accomplish the same set of knowledge in a much more gentle and interesting manner. This is a real winner to our family."

To read the article in it's entirety click HERE

"My kids beg to play it." - Kerry Charles

"The first time I used this program, the teacher gave me eight children in the middle of the school year. They were failing because they had not learned to read, as had their classmates. At that time, this program became their only reading curriculum. To their teacher's surprise, seven of them quickly learned to read, passed the reading exam, and were promoted with their class. This game changed their future. Since then it has helped many children learn to read. It works better and faster than anything that I have ever used because it appeals to the child's basic nature. It is curriculum cleverly disguised as a game. Children actually beg to play, and I have had some even cry if they could not play for a day.

"The game improves communication and listening skills as well. It is fun, and addresses all learning styles. I found that using the marking chip (as indicated by the instructions) is important." - Roma Cox

"When my five year old daughter read her first book, she was so ecstatic, and kept repeating through the day the names of the characters. She was thrilled to be able to read like her big sister. I recommend this game for anyone wanting to have fun while learning." - Esther DeRouen

"Our family loved this game! We found it simple yet entertaining and educational. We shared a lot of laughs playing together, and never felt like we were drilling phonics sounds. Thank you for creating such a FUN phonics game." - Maggie Bee

"Since playing Ring Around the Phonics my daughter has begun reading on her own. She is now excited and confident about her reading skills." - Michelle Majors-Janota

Ring Around the Phonics has worked miracles with children that were failing in school because of their inability to read. Below is a letter of recommendation from Kay Normandine (kindergarten Teacher in Baldwin Florida):

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