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          Scientific Research (phonics verses whole word recognition)
          Scientific Research On How Stress And Cortisol Effect Learning (If your child is failing, this article should be helpful)
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                     How To Get Started As A Home Educator
                     How To Home school
                     Why Home School
                     My Journey From Public School Teacher To Home School Mom (What works, and what did not)
                     Lesson Plans That Motivate
                     Grade Level Requirements (What children are expected to learn at each grade level- Preschool through Twelfth Grade)
                     Whole Brain Teaching (Learn how to become a more effective educator/ When you Home School, the whole world becomes your classroom)
                     Thinking About Homeschooling? (if you are considering homeschooling your child because of problems at school, this article will likely interest you.)

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          Videos: How To Teach Reading And Comprehension We use to have the best education in the world. These two videos explain the way reading and comprehension was taught when our educational system was the envy of the world.

          American History
                    Is The Constitution A living Document? (videos of Justice Scalia and Justice Breyer debating this isssue)
                    The Big Debate (How frued and Burneys influenced the current debate in America)
                    Judge Napolitano Explaining The Constitution-Video Format
                    The Constitution And Slavery
                    Free Videos Of David Barton (Wall Builders) explaining The Constitution And American History
                    THe U.S. Is Not A Democracy, and never has been.
                    Understanding The Welfare Clause in the Constitution.
                    Does the President have the power to declare war? If you have questions about this in the Constitution, the War Powers Act, and The Comander And Chief clause, this article is for you.
                    A series of videos in which Judge Napolitano explains the history of American freedoms
                    The Original Constitution And The Senate This article explains one of the ways the 17th amendment weakened the Republic.
                    Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution: 18 enumerated powers.
                              (1) The Power To TaxThe history of how Washington and Gandhi won independence for their countries.
                              (2) The Power To Borrow Money What does the Constitution say about the U.S. Debt.

          How to Obtain Free Money For College (for parents with infants to college students and in between)
                     High School Courses For The College Bound student (Planning begins at the start of one's freshman year)

          How To Make Money On Line

          Different Learning Styles (SP Personality)
                     Understanding The NF
                     Understanding The NT
                     Understanding The SJ

          Conditions That Can Cause Or Mimic Learning Disabilities

          Brain Scan Research To Help You Find Solutions For Learning Disabilities (Dr. Aman)

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          School Supplies
          Movies On Demand
          Blog contains the following:
                    Reading and comprehension elements that prepare children for the FCAT
                              How To Teach Reading Comprehension
                              How To Teach Main Idea And Authors Purpose
                              How To Teach Supporting Details
                              How To Teach The Reading Element, Summarizing
                              How To Teach The Reading Element, Sequencing
                              How To Teach The Reading Element, Drawing Conclusions (also teaches "Analytical Thinking", "Reading Connections", "Predicting Outcomes", and "Recognizing Cause and Effect")
                    Teaching Children How To Do Research
                              How To Teach Children To Do Research
                    Teaching The Constitution
                              Teaching The Constitution
                              World Governance, And School Text Books
                    Why Children Fail
                              My Smart Child Failing?
                    Articles and Videos By Students
                              "Halloween Spook", by Matthew
                    Sales Alerts And Free Stuff
                              Free Early Reader Book On Line, complements of "Ring Around The Phonics"
                              Information About Free Phone And Fax Line
                    Health Issues
                              Advanced Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Wrist Stretching Exercises
                    Home-School Information
                              Home-School Legal Defense
                              Thinking About Home-Schooling? Teachers Are.
                              Home-schooling And Un-schooling
                              Teaching Made Fun
                    Understanding Different Learning Styles And Personalities
                              Understanding Gifts of the Introverts and Extroverts
                    Special Needs Children And Building Self Esteem
                              The Rose
                              Short Story: "The Importance Of You"
                              Helping The Dyslexic Child

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