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Tutoring curriculum

Ring Around The Phonics is an educational game used to teach children English and Spanish Phonics, reading, spelling, comprehension and listening skills.

With the job market as it is, speaking a foreign language is more important than ever before. It is far easier than you might think to advance your career, and/ or help your child become bilingual.

· Learning the phonic sounds in English is an important element, and it is the same in learning Spanish. First you will hear the Spanish alphabet in a video format.

· Secondly you will see and hear each Spanish phonic sound enunciated. Spanish is spelled just like it sounds making it far easier to learn then English.

· Then you will see and hear some basic conversational Spanish. · You will also be able to check out and/ or purchase a highly rated CD to help you learn the Spanish language. and English Spanish dictionary is available on this page as well.

· Ring Around The Phonics is a game/ tool used to teach children English and Spanish phonics, reading, and more (the fun and easy way).

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Video: Hear Spanish Alphabet Free

Video: Hear Spanish Phonic Sounds Free

In Spanish (unlike English), words are spelled just like they sound. So once you know the phonic sounds, a Spanish/ English dictionary becomes very useful.

Note: The phonic sound for "qui" is enunciated like the English word key. "Que" is enunciated in the third video (sentence number 20).

Here Some Basic Conversational Spanish Free:

The conversational Spanish taught in the above video is written as follows (Note: Spanish in bold, then English) :

  • Hola. Hi... Note: This is an informal greeting. A more formal way to say hello would be, saludo. More on this in videos to follow
  • Adios. Good by.
  • Como esta? How are you?
  • Bien gracias, y usted? Fine thank you, and you?
  • Bien gracias, y tu familia? Fine thank you, and your family?
  • Como esta tu familia? How is your family?
  • Mucho Gusto. It is a pleasure to meet you.
  • El Gusto es mio. The pleasure is mine.
  • Yo tengo hambre. I am hungry.
  • a donde esta un restaurante? Where is a restaurant?
  • La comida esta muy bueno. The food is very good.
  • Pasame la leche por favor. Pass me the milk please.
  • Pasame la mantequilla pro favor. Pass me the butter please.
  • Pasame la azucar por favor. Pass me the sugar please
  • Pasame la sal por favor. Pass me the salt please.
  • Yo quero huevos por favor. I would like eggs please
  • queso cheese
  • Huevos con queso eggs with cheese
  • Carne meat
  • Que quiera decir newspaper en espaņol? How do you like to say newspaper in Spanish?
  • Periodico newspaper
  • A donde esta el baņo? Where is the bathroom? (now that is an important sentence to learn! :-) )

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I have a Spanish/ English dictionary, and find it to be very helpful. click on the widget below to learn more, and to purchase a Spanish/ English dictionary.

The following audio CD is for those of you who do not yet speak Spanish. I have not ordered this, but The National Learning Laboratory honored and endorsed Spanish In 10 Minutes A Day. The average person who has used this educational resource rate it highly. To learn more, and/ or purchase it, simply click on the widget below.

Here you will find books and CDs for children to help you teach them Spanish.

The Easy And Fun Way To Teach Children Spanish

Ring Around the Phonics has been used by teachers, parents and tutors for many years to teach children phonics and reading. Recently I had a parent excitedly tell me that she uses it to teach her younger children to read while teaching her older children Spanish. That is what prompted this page. Please free to learn more about how to do this on our "Frequently Asked Questions" page. You may also call us at (904) 317-5330 EST. (U.S.)

I regularly have parents tell me how fun and easy it was to teach their children to read using this method. One of those parents told me that when her (now older) children complain about studying language arts, she pulls her "Ring Around the Phonics" game out to teach the lesson, and, she says, "they don't have a clue they are learning...they think they are playing". To learn more about this economical, versatile game and teaching tool simply click here.

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